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Born: Georgetown, Guyana – South America
Grew up: Demerara, Guyana; London, England; and Toronto, Canada

Ontario College of Art and Design (OCADU)
Toronto School of Art
Avenue Road Art School, Toronto
Humber College, Toronto

1992-Present: Graphic Artist/Designer, Digital Imaging Technician
2014-Present: Painting Instructor – Art Works Art School, Toronto
2009-2013: Painting Instructor – Currys Art Store, Toronto
1995-Present: Outdoors Event Coordinator – Toronto Outdoor Club

Elected Member
The Colour and Form Society – a Canadian visual arts organization

Ghanesh Das is a graphic artist, visual artist and art instructor living and working in Toronto, Canada.

His work and methodology is varied and eclectic, both thematically and stylistically. Be it figuration, representation, abstraction, or digital – he examines the visual and symbolic topographies of marks, substance, surface and process in creating art. A graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, he continues to pursue postgraduate studies in art, digital media, and the humanities. He is an elected member of The Colour and Form Society in Canada. He continues to work in the graphic arts and digital imaging industry.

Artist Statement

As a visual artist, I am influenced by many historic and contemporary references to society and culture, nature and industry, beauty and truth. These influences are manifested from both natural and technological sources, and associated with this, are all the competing issues of culture, commerce and contemporary life. Working with both traditional and digital media techniques, my work can be either representational or abstracted. Varied and eclectic – the visual language and pictorial iconography I employ is a gestural, layered, mark-making topology of color, space and design. I consider art and painting metaphors akin to alchemy, fiction and story-telling; a semiotic narrative that reflects the ideas, idealism and ideologies of the artist and society. As the medium continues to be the message, I am interested in the symbolic and imbuing qualities of substance, surface and process in visual meaning and pictorial representation.


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